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Legal Assistance

The Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester is able to provide a legal assistance resource list for income-eligible individual artist members as well as non-profit members with operational budgets under$600,000. We are only able to provide assistance with arts-related issues.

For more information on our legal assistance resource list, please contact the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester
at (585) 473-4000.

Additional Legal Resources

Empire Justice Center
One West Main Street, Suite 200
Rochester, New York 14614
(585) 454-4060
Contact: Brian Hetherington
We teach the law by providing training, support and technical assistance to legal services and private attorneys and other community-based advocates to help them better serve their clients.We practice the law by providing direct civil legal assistance and undertaking impact litigation.We improve the law by engaging in policy analysis, research and advocacy.

The Legal Aid Society of Rochester, Inc.
One West Main Street, Suite 800
Rochester, New York 14614
Contact: Carla Palumbo
Provides Civil Legal Service to low income people in Monroe County, including: Domestic Relations, Child Support, Immigration, Housing, Domestic Violence (also Orleans County), Youth Advocacy and Law Guardian representation. Intake is by telephone, there are financial eligibility requirements and fees vary depending on the program.

Monroe County Bar Association
1 West Main Street, 10th Floor
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 546-1817

Contact: Lori O'Brien
If you do not know the area of law,
you need to call the LRS staff 585 546-2130
Handles consumer and discrimination cases. No fee services. Eligibility based on income.

Monroe County Clerk Office
39 West Main Street
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 753-1600
You can register DBA, Partner or Corporation in this office.

New York State Bar Association
One Elk Street
Albany, NY 12207
(518) 463-3200

Small Claims Court
99 Exchange Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-2444
Small claims court is used exclusively for monetary claims of $2,000 or less. The court is set up for prompt, informal and inexpensive determination of a claim. Generally, each party presents his or her own case. You do not need to be represented by a lawyer. Small claims court cases are heard by either a judge or an arbitrator.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
1 East 53rd Street
New York, NY10022
The Art Law Line: (212) 319-ARTS, extension 1
Contact: Amy A. Lehman, Esq.

Volunteer Legal Service Project
1 West Main Street, 10th Floor
Rochester, NY 14614

585 232-3051
Contact: Tina Foster
Provides family services, consumer, unemployment denials, quick claim deed, main changes for minors, probate court, record expungement.

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