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References for Copyright Information

Copyright Office

Forms and Circulars Hotline 202-707-9100 Library of Congress Washington, D.C. 20559 This recording will mail you the copyright application form of circulars you require if you know the name of what you need in advance. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:15 am- 4:45 pm

Public Information Office 202-707-9100 This office will answer general copyright and filing questions and refer you to the appropriate office.

Registration and Processing 202-77-6033

Reference and Bibliography 202-707-6850 This number will estimate the amount of time for a copyright search. The cost is $20/hour or $40/hour for expedited searches (min. 2hrs.)

Certificates and Documents 202-707-6787 This number supplies copies of certificates of registration and other documentation (litigation statements, etc.). They search for registration by number or name; a name search costs $20, the copy of the registration is $8, and the optional rush fee is $18. Normal processing takes 6-8 weeks

General Counsel 202-707-8380 This number is the internal counsel for the copyright office. They are very helpful and will answer questions about copyright law, rights, infringement, etc.

Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel 202-707-8380

Documents 202-707-1759

Licensing 202-707-8150 This office collects copyright fees from Cable TV. Fax-on-Demand (202) 707-2600 Call from any touchtone phone to order up to three circulars and/or document number of the item(s) you want. The items(s) will be transmitted to your fax machine. If you do not know the document number of the item(s) you want, you may request that a menu be faxed to you. Applications forms are not available via fax.

Thomson & Thomson - Copyrights 800-356-8630 1750 K Street, NW, Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20006 This is a copyright search firm, and they will discuss copyright search, and the registration process and cost. Thomson & Thomson will do a copyright search for $390 (takes 5-7 business days); and there is a rush service available for an additional 50% (48 hours) or 100% (24 hours).

Dramatists Guild 212-398-9366 1501 Broadway, Suite 701 212-944-0420 (fax) New York, NY 10036 This organization will answer questions on copyright and resolve Disputes (unofficial arbitration) for lyricists, composers, and playwrights of "First Class" (Broadway) productions.

Poets and Writers 212-226-3963 72 Spring Street, 3rd Floor 212-226-3963 (fax) New York, NY 10012 This organization will provide information on copyright and publishing. The Information Center is open from 11am-3pm for questions. They also publish a guide to copyright.

American Composers Alliance 212-362-8900 73 Spring Street, Room 506 212-941-9704 (fax) New York, NY 10012 This organization provides copyright information for member professional concert musicians. It also functions as a publisher for members' music.

American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) 215-451-2767 150 N. Second Street 215-451-0880 (fax) Philadelphia, PA 19106

Rights Chasers 212-873-6390 35 West 90th Street 212-362-8022 (fax) New York, NY 10024

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