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More than any artist I know, Carol Acquilano lives and breathes paint, thinks and feels with it. In turn, her paintings — as a body of work — reflect more of the complete spectrum of her consciousness than most painters' work does, ranging from bold explorations of highly abstract realms to thoughtful representations of the world around her.

In the process, Carol transforms everything through a characteristically confident, open sensibility, making any of her wide range of subjects or styles recognizably and pleasingly her own. In both her landscapes and her abstractions — and the territory in between — one encounters a satisfyingly original personal synthesis.

Carol is a highly visual person, but her art holds more than aesthetic interest. I find in Carol's paintings an openness, a fearlessness and a sense of serious play that tell us something not just about how to attain a certain kind of beauty but about how to approach life.

Jim Mott, artist, writer

Carol's work appears on the 2005 Daniel Smith catalogue.
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